About this Website

The work of professor and political philosopher Susan Buck-Morss employs Walter Benjamin’s broad theory of the image as a methodology of research and exploration. Taking these ideas as guiding principles, Project Projects developed a new website that serves as a distinct archive and platform for the development of her ongoing work.

Two main axes comprise the backbone of the site. Buck-Morss’ constellations of selected images frame a spatial and associative navigation, while her texts follow a more traditional, linear structure. These two axes are then hyperlinked: clicking an image within a constellation scrolls the page to its position within the corresponding text, and closing a text panel brings the corresponding constellation back to the fore. Visually and structurally interwoven, the site’s navigation itself reflects the interactive dialogue between image and text.

The site is best viewed on laptop or larger screen. To make it somewhat compatible with small screens, we had to eliminate an automatic FADE of the white menu on right of screen, which worked beautifully as you scrolled down to the black image archive. Now you have to click on the “menu” to “close menu” and get rid of the white right-hand column.

Selected Shorts is a tumblr account, to which we have lost the password, and tumblr is so secure that as of November 2021 we have not been able to retrieve it. Therefore it is frozen in time. The oldest post is a link to scenes from Circus (1935), Buck-Morss’s favourite movie of the Soviet period.