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Susan Buck-Morss

Distinguished Professor

Department of Political Science

CUNY Graduate Center

New York, NY


Jan Rock Zubrow ‘77 Professor Emerita

Department of Government

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

email: [email protected] (preferred); [email protected]



CUNY Graduate Center:

Distinguished Professor Political Theory 2009-present

Cornell University:

Department of Government

  • Professor Emerita 2012-present
  • Jan Rock Zubrow ‘77 Professor 2008-2012
  • Professor 1990-2013
  • Associate Professor, 1983-90
  • Assistant Professor, 1978-83

Director of Visual Studies, 2003-2006

Department of Comparative Literature: Professor and Member of the Graduate Field 2007-present

Department of the History of Art: Professor and Member of the Graduate Field 2002-present

Department of German Studies: Professor and Member of the Graduate Field 1980-Present

School of Architecture, Art and City and Regional Planning, Professor and Member of the Graduate Field 2007-present

Humanities Council, Society for the Humanities, 2007-2010


Ph.D. with distinction, Georgetown University, 1975. Major field: European Intellectual History. Dissertation: “Theodor W. Adorno and the Genesis of Critical Theory.”

Graduate study in Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet, Frankfurt-am-Main.

M.A. Yale University, History

B.A. cum laude, Vassar College, Intellectual History


Frantz Fanon Prize, 2011

Distinguished Professor, Committee on Globalization and Social Change, CUNY Graduate Center, 2010-present

Getty Scholar, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, January-June 2008

Faculty Fellow, University of the Arts, London (formerly the London Institute), appointed fall 1997; reappointed for second term, spring 2000; reappointed for third term, spring 2003.

Fellow and Advisory Council Member, Académie de la Latinité, Candido Mendes University, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2002-present

Canada-U.S. Fulbright Award as Visiting Distinguished Research Professor, Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition, McMaster University, fall 2005.

Distinguished Professor, Carpenter Lectures, University of Chicago, fall 2005.

Visiting Scholar, AHRB Research Centre for Studies of Surrealism and its Legacies, Manchester/Essex/London, spring 2004

LeBoff Distinguished Professor, New York University, spring 2003.

Scholar in Residence, School of Liberal Arts and Science, Program of Cultural Studies, Pratt Institute, April, 2002

Professor, School of Criticism and Theory, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University: summer 2001

Distinguished Visiting Professor, Public Intellectuals Ph.D. Program, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, 1998-2002.

Curator, inSITE2000, international art project, Tijuana/SanDiego, 1997-2001

Fellow, Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture, Rutgers University, 1998-9

Andrew D. White Faculty Fellow, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University, 1996-97

Faculty Tutor, Jan van Eyck Academy of Art, Maastricht, Netherlands, 1995-1998

John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, fall 1994

Fulbright Teaching Fellowship, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, fall 1993.

DAAD Study Research Grant, Berlin, summer, 1993

Rockefeller Foundation, Scholar in Residence, Bellagio, Italy, March, 1993.

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Program on Research and Writing in International Peace and Security, August 1988-August 1989.

McArthur Grant administered by Cornell University Peace Studies: Program for travel and lecturing at the Moscow Institute of Philosophy, Soviet Academy of Science, January, 1988.

DAAD Study Research Grant, Frankfurt-am-Main, fall 1984

Andrew D. White Faculty Fellow, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University, 1982-83.

Humanities Faculty Research Grant, Cornell University, Summer, 1979.

DAAD Dissertation Research Grant, Frankfurt-am-Main, 1971-72.


German (fluent); French (excellent); Spanish (good); Russian (good); Modern Greek (good).



Year 1: A Philosophical Recounting. MIT Press, 2021.

Revolution Today. Haymarket Press, 2019.

Predočavanje kapitala: Prikazivanje političke ekonomije, trans. Olja Pretronić. Novi Sad & Zagreb: &Multimedijalni institute, 2014.

Hegel, Haití y la Historia Universal, with prologue by Claudio Lomnitz, trans. Juan Manuel Espinosa, Fondo de Cultura Económica, (kindle book) 2014.

100 Notes – 100 Thoughts: Notebook Nr. 4 for Documenta 13, with Emily Jacir (Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2011)

Voire le Capital: Théorie Critique et Culture Visuelle. Ed. and trans. Maxime Boidy and Stéphane Roth. Paris: Les prairies ordinaires, 2010.

Hegel, Haiti, and Universal History. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009. Translations:

  • Arabic (Doha Institute, Qatar)
  • Polish, trans. Katarzyna Bojarska (Wydawnictwo Krytyki Polityczne, 2014)
  • German, trans. Laurent Faasch-Ibrahim (Berlin: edition Suhrkamp, 2011)
  • Korean, (Seoul: Munhakdongne Publishing, 2012)
  • Japan (Hosei University Press, 2013)
  • Turkey (Metis, 2011)
  • Sweden (Arkiv Förlag)
  • Brazil (Novos Estudos Cebrap)

Voire le Capital, ed. and trans. Maxime Boidy and Stéphane Roth. Paris: éditions Les Prairies ordinaires, 2009.

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Thinking Past Terror: Islamism and Critical Theory on the Left. London: Verso, 2003. Hebrew Translation, Resling Press, Israel, (fall 2004). Translations also in Greek (Athens, 2003) and Japanese (Tokyo, 2003). Rights granted for Spanish Translation (Madrid: Machado), and Urdu (Lahore: Fiction House). Verso paperback, fall 2006.

Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, 2000. Paperback edition, April 2002. Translations: Spanish (Madrid: Visor, 2004); Serbian (Belgrade: Belgrade Circle, 2005); Turkish (Istanbul: Metis, 2005), Portuguese (trans. Ana Luis Andrade, Brazil 2018)

The Dialectics of Seeing: Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project. Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press, 1989. Paperback edition, 1991. Translations:

  • German (Frankfurt-am-Main: Suhrkamp Verlag, 1993; paperback 2000)
  • Spanish (Madrid: Visor, 1996)
  • Portuguese (San Paulo, 2002)
  • Korean (Seoul: Munhakdongne Publishing, 2005)
  • Greek (Crete University Press, 2009)
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The Origin of Negative Dialectics: Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and the Frankfurt Institute. New York: Macmillan Free Press, 1977; republished, 2002. London: Harvester Press, 1978. Paperback edition, 1979. Spanish trans. by Nora Rabotnikov (Mexico City: Siglo Veintiuno Editores, 1992).

Editor, Theodor W. Adorno, Gesammelte Schriften, vol. 9: Soziologische Schriften II. Frankfurt-am-Main: Suhrkamp Verlag, 1975. Republished as CD (Berlin: Digitale Bibliothek, 2003).


Institute for Comparative Modernities, Cornell University Académie de la Latinité, founded in Rio de Janeiro by Candido Mendes, including Jean Baudrillard, Edgar Morin, Alain Touraine, Gianni Vattimo, Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel García Márquez, Augusto Roa Bastos et José Saramago (past).


  • New Benjamin Studies (international, Brill) present
  • Belgrade Journal for a New Media, Serbia (present)
  • Criticism: A Quarterly for Literature and the Arts (present)
  • Diacritics, Cornell University (past)
  • Critical Horizons: A Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory (United Kingdom)
  • Constellations (present)
  • Communication Studies Review, Portugal (present)
  • ID: International Dialogue, Multidisciplinary Journal of World Affairs (present)
  • Journal for Cultural Research (present)
  • Journal of Social Sciences, GC University Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Journal of Visual Culture (present)
  • Parallax (present)
  • Telos (past)
  • October (past)
  • Cultural Values (past) ##II. WEBSITES Web interview with Aurora Fernández Polanco Universidad Complutense de Madrid

“King Kong and the Palace of the Soviets”

“Visual Studies and Global Imagination”


III. ARTICLES: contributions to published volumes and journals

In memory of Valery Podoroga, November 2021 Бак-Морс С. О Валерии Подороге: Размышляя о годах нашей дружбы… // Человек. – 2021.URL:

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Contributor to Exhibition catalogue, Faces in the Crowd/Volti nella Folla: Picturing Modern Life from Manet to Today. Milan: Castello di Rivoli, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, 2005.

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INVITED LECTURES (multiple visits are not listed separately):

  • African Institute, Sharjah
  • Académie de la Látinité: Conferences, 2003 to the present: Alexandria, Amman, Ankara, Baku, Cairo, Istanbul, Rabat, Lima, Port-au-Prince, Quito; Lisbon, New York, Beijing, Tunis, Muscat
  • ABRALIC, Florianopolis, Brazil
  • ARCOforum, Madrid
  • Belgrade Circle, Belgrade
  • Bilgi University, Istanbul
  • Brown University, Providence
  • Buehl Center, Columbia University, New York
  • Centre Culturel International de Cerisy-La-Salle
  • Center for European Studies, Harvard University
  • Center for European Studies, New York University
  • Center for the Humanities, Columbia University
  • Center for Psycho-Social Studies, Chicago
  • Centre Pompidou, Paris
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Christian Gauss Seminars in Criticism, Princeton University
  • Cogut Center, Brown University
  • Colegia de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana
  • Columbia University, New York
  • Concordia University, Montreal
  • CUNY Graduate Center, New York
  • DIA Center for the Arts, New York City
  • Duke University, Durham
  • Emory University, Atlanta
  • FITAC, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Freie Universitaet Berlin
  • Goethe-Institut, Ramallah, Palestine
  • Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
  • Guelph University, Ontario
  • Harvard University, Cambridge
  • Humanities Center, NYU
  • Internat. Center for Advanced Studies (Sawyer Seminar), NYU
  • Institut für die Wissenschaften des Menschen, Vienna
  • Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences, Madrid
  • Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences, Moscow
  • Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Warsaw
  • International Diplomatic Symposium, Abu Dhabi
  • Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht
  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt-am-Main
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  • London College University (LCU), London
  • MACG (Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil), Mexico City
  • McGill University, Montreal
  • Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris
  • Middlesex University, London
  • MOCOBA, Barcelona
  • Mohile Prashant Center, National Center for Performing Arts, Mumbai
  • New York University, New York
  • Nobel Institute, Oslo
  • Northwestern University, Evanston *Notre Dame University, Notre Dame
  • Ontario Museum of Art, Toronto
  • Pembroke College, Cambridge University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Photographers’ Gallery, London
  • PUCRS, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Radical Philosophy, London
  • Reed College, Portland
  • Rice University, Houston
  • Russian State University of the Humanities, Moscow
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Vancouver
  • San Francisco MoMA
  • School of Architecture, Princeton University
  • School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
  • SUNY, Binghamton, Stony Brook
  • Stanford University, Stanford
  • Tate Gallery, London
  • Tate Modern, London
  • Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  • Turkish Department of Foreign Affairs, Istanbul
  • UNESCO, Candido Mendes University, Rio de Janeiro
  • Universidad Politechnica, San Juan PR
  • University of California at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, L.A., San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz
  • University of Chicago, Chicago
  • University of Copenhagen (Visiting Professorship)
  • University of Crete, Rethymino
  • University of Florida, Gainesville
  • University of Havana, Cuba
  • University of Illinois, Urbana
  • University of London, Birkbeck College
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • University of Minsk, Belyorussia
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte NC
  • University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY
  • Wayne State University, Detroit
  • Whitney Graduate Center, New York
  • Yale University, New Haven CT
  • York University, Toronto Canada

Fields of Teaching:

  1. Continental Political Philosophy and Social Theory
  2. Critical Theory: From Kant to the Frankfurt School
  3. Kant and Hegel
  4. Modern Social Theory: Globalization, Sovereignty, Nationalism, Empire
  5. Visual Studies and Social Theory
  6. Contemporary and Comparative Political Theory